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If you need a quality fencing project done in Glasgow, look no further than Bresch Brothers. Bresch Brothers was started over 5 years ago, and has spent that time building a reputation for building the highest quality fences in the area. Our focus is always on providing the greatest value to our customers, putting our heart into building the best fences possible. Because of this, we have a great relationship with all of our customers. We see each job as a unique challenge and pay special attention to every fence, making sure that the customer’s needs are met as thoroughly as is possible.

No matter what kind of fencing you need, Bresch Brothers is right for you. We do anything from servicing existing fences to building elaborate fences from scratch. No matter what your fencing needs, give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll figure out the best way to provide you with the fencing services you need.

Here’s just a few reasons why Bresch Brothers is the right choice for your fencing needs:

  • Our staff and engineers are trained for any fencing solution
  • We are always professional and serve with a smile
  • Call us for a free quote on any fencing job
  • Our prices won’t be matched by any other Glasgow fencing company
  • We use only the best name brand fencing materials
  • We will act fast

As our customer, your satisfaction is our primary concern. Here at  Bresch Brothers we believe that happy customers are the only way to run a successful business, and we’re committed to doing what it takes to make sure every customer is satisfied. Give us a call at 0141 2803080 any time you need fencing done. If you’re not convinced, we’re happy to show you a completed fencing project in the surrounding area so that you can see the kind of quality we offer.

You may be concerned that with such high quality we may be out of your price range, but we’re committed to offering the lowest prices. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk budget and come up with a fencing solution that you can afford. Give us a call for a free quote tailored to your situation at 0141 280 3080.


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Phone: 0141 280 3080